I would like to thank Sensei Salvatore Lopresti, Sr.  This site is dedicated to him.  For without my father I would have never had the chance to begin training and have the opportunity to continue for 28 years.  He forged my basic training and pushed me to be the best as I was growing up.  He kept my interest throughout my adolescence, no matter what the frequency, and fostered my growth as a karateka into adulthood.  He has also given me the opportunity to express my karate as an instructor.  I have followed his lead as well on how to have an understanding of people and their individual karate, to see them on an individual basis, and to correct at a rate which is comprehensible according to the rank of the student and to nurture their growth in the martial arts.  He brings compassion to karate which no one can equal.

Also a great big Thank you to all my students who have endeavored and grown as they have helped me grow. I would like to thank Patrick McCarthy Sensei, who has shown his friendship on many levels. His dedication to his students and karate is unparalleled. I would also like to thank those who have supported me in my other endeavors including but not in any order; Sensei L. B. Safar, and Doc. Stricevic, as well as Sensei Jonathan Exaros. All of these gentlemen have helped or supported either directly or indirectly my karate training. Gentlemen, Thank You.



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