Shotokan Karate Jutsu International



The Shoto Karate Jutsu Seminars

Seminars are done by our top notch instructor staff. Topics you may choose are listed here:

1. Basic Shotokan karate seminar including all Kyu grades up to Shodan covering kihon and basic kumite drills as well as Karate Jutsu criteria.

2. Advanced Shotokan karate seminar from 3 Kyu to Godan covering kihon and advanced kumite drills as well as Karate Jutsu criteria.

3. Kata instruction seminar covering the movements, body dynamics, and movement fundamentals as well as Karate Jutsu criteria.

4. Kumite seminar covering drills, techniques, conditioning, biomechanics, and kinesiology of sport, freestyle karate sparring.

5. Basic Kata Bunkai seminar covering basic applications to Shotokan karate kata and the correct use of vital points as well as Karate Jutsu criteria.

6. Advanced Bunkai seminar exploring the more obscure methods involved in using kata as Self Defense. These will not be found in any textbook!!!!!

7. Youth / Junior kihon, kata or kumite practice from 9kyu to Junior Shodan.


Seminar Sponsors may chose from any one or more of the preceding seminars.

When booking a seminar please let us know which topics you would be interested in as well as if there is any other material you would want us to cover.


Information: email or or call 856-589-3818


Sensei P Lopresti at Lakeville Classic in Minnesota 05/08

Dynamic Duo at Rossini Dojo in Westborough Mass. 08/08