Each month a new Kyusho point will be introduced. Try to learn the point in its very basic form. Do not get to involved in the science of it. Make it a habit to pick out this point in your kumite and kata practice. Try to see when it is most accessible to you, if at all. The points listed here will be listed in order of the ones that I have had success with in striking or manipulating which caused a favorable reaction. (For me not my opponent!!) Remember also, we are looking for predictability in our techniques. I try to choose only points that I have a great success rate with. Later on, as we exhaust Kyusho points, discussion may turn into speaking about certain areas to attack in very general or very specific terms.


POINT: Gallbladder 20


LOCATION: Back of the head at the occipital processes


NOTES: Even a light hit will cause the opponent to become dizzy. You angle your strike 45 degrees out towards the opposite side of the front of the head. If you hit the GB 20 point on the right side of the body, you must angle your strike so it comes out above the left eye of your opponent.


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