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Chief Instructor Paul LoPresti with Sensei S. Lopresti (retired)

The Lopresti Family has been teaching martial arts in the South Jersey area for 30 years.  We teach Japanese based martial arts.  We also add in our understanding of the five major classifications of martial arts techniques.  They are Atemi Waza (Striking Techniques), Kansetsu Waza (Joint Locking Techniques), Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques), Ne Waza (Groundfighting Techniques), and Shime Waza ( Strangling/Choking Techniques).  We have general classes for men women and children.  All levels of physical fitness are encouraged to join.  Classes content varies from simple techniques to advanced movements.  Martial arts theory is applied to all classes. Self Defense applications are taught on a nightly basis with emphasis on self awareness. We also rely heavily on kata training or formal exercise for our self defense applications. Our curriculum also includes the Nyumon (beginner) level of Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Justu. These exercises are the culmination of the work of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy of the IRKRS.

Sensei Lopresti isCertified Karate Instructors through Long Island University and has over 35 years of experience in Martial Arts. He is available for seminars for teaching through the IRKRS under the direction of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy.

We are located in the BodyMax Gym on 284 Delsea Drive in Sewell, NJ, 08080 about one mile from the Five points Diner.  We have one of the largest martial arts floors in South Jersey.  Our facility is air conditioned and heated for climate control.  For more information including pricing and specials please call 856-589-3818.  We look foward to hearing from you!!

Three Generation of Lopresti's bringing you the finest Martial Arts.

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This picture is one taken back in the 1970's at the Original South Jersey Karate Club located on RT 130 in Collingswood NJ. Shown here are some of the original members and many of these members continue to practice today at our school. Pictured from front to back are John Crocker, Fred Flag, Joe Kappes, Billy Allen, and Sal Lopresti.

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